A calendar of upcoming events to support Alberta's job creators to expand their exports.

Use the calendar below to find events for export-ready, Alberta-based companies to find new businesses opportunities and to diversify into different markets. The filter above the calendar allows you to sort by industry, type of events, and domestic vs. international events.

To support Alberta companies to start or grow their international exports, department staff facilitate attendance at international trade events abroad, also known as a mission. These missions provide an opportunity to assess market opportunities, meet potential buyers, and support partnerships. 

How You Can Participate

If your company is looking to export a product or service abroad and think you may benefit from attending a mission, please look at the event list below and contact us. These events fill up very quickly so the earlier you reach out, the more likely we will have space available for your participation. When reaching out please provide information on the following: 

  • A description of the company, including your relevant goods and services.
  • The markets you have exported to, along with ones of interest.
  • The outcomes you hope to achieve by attending the mission (i.e., display your goods or services at a booth).
  • If you would like to participate in the Alberta Export Expansion Program.

Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Trade

The Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Trade is leading efforts to grow Alberta’s economy by supporting Alberta’s entrepreneurs and employers, promoting trade and investment, helping recruit and retain workers, and promoting safe, fair and healthy workplaces.  

Companies may be eligible for funding to access global markets or attract global buyers through the Alberta Export Expansion Program.

Ministry Contacts

Region Name Title Email
Americas Benigno Rojas-Moreno Director benigno.rojas-moreno@gov.ab.ca
Darcy Kirtzinger Senior Trade Officer darcy.kirtzinger@gov.ab.ca
Antonina Castaneda Senior Trade Officer antonina.castaneda@gov.ab.ca
Europe Mario Krpan Director mario.krpan@gov.ab.ca
Svenja Chenikel Senior Trade Officer svenja.chenikel@gov.ab.ca
Shelly Nguyen Senior Trade Officer shelly.nguyen@gov.ab.ca
Indo-Pacific Rahul Sharma Director rahul.sharma@gov.ab.ca
Sudhiranjan Banerjee Senior Trade Officer sudhiranjan.banerjee@gov.ab.ca
Cole Baker Senior Trade Officer cole.baker@gov.ab.ca
Middle East and Africa Ryan Radke Director ryan.radke@gov.ab.ca
Aaron Poirier Senior Trade Officer aaron.poirier@gov.ab.ca
Nicole Ng-Muk-Yuen Senior Trade Officer nicole.ngmukyuen@gov.ab.ca
North Asia Aarij Bashir Director aarij.bashir@gov.ab.ca
Julia Mah Senior Trade Officer julia.mah@gov.ab.ca
Chris Smith Senior Trade Officer christopher.d.smith@gov.ab.ca

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